• 🎮

  • 🎮☹️ LIES.

  • ⚾️ Josh Donaldson gets ejected after hitting a home run, a breakdown


  • ⚾️🤬 FUCK THESE AIR HORN FUCKERS. Thanks for making even the small amount of baseball this season unwatchable on TV.


    cc/ @Phillies

  • ⚾️ I am a @Phillies fan, but watching the games with the CONSTANT FUCKING air horns is OBNOXIOUS.

  • 🎮 I found the Final Fantasy 16 trailer yesterday to be very bland, predictable and stale. That visual language is so repetitive at this point. I really wish they did a Wind Waker style rethink of what the game should look like and feel.

  • ✅ Today Goals:

    • Meet with friend to review each other’s side projects.
    • Cont’d work on editable navigation in @guildflow.
    • Reach out to prospective clients.
    • Work on layout of screenshot gallery / tour page for @guildflow
  • 💦 If you feel like you are having a bad day, just remember Marc Summers has OCD and had to host Double Dare on Nickelodeon.

  • ❤️ @alexhillman would be proud of this commit.

  • ⌨️ Got my new keyboard today.

  • 🎮🎤 Watch this man sing Mario songs with 7 of his identical twin brothers!


  • 💪 It’s so nice having a short list of technical blog posts and videos to share with a prospective client’s technical team.

    If you are trying to be a self-employed contract programmer – you need to be blogging!

  • 👨‍💻 No tech project should have just 1 coder. Code is the asset and is only valuable if it can be understood and expanded on by others. Having 2+ coders helps validate that the conceptual ideas and structure of the code base are not lost in the head of a single individual.

  • ✅ Today’s Goals:

    • Watch Apple event
    • Take client prospect phone call
    • Submit other client proposal
    • Do some cold outreach for @guildflow
    • 1000 words towards meetup book
  • 📢 Learn how to exercise your right to vote. This guide will help connect you with Pennsylvania’s voting and election services.


  • 📢 Some good expectations in this video for how election night will feel this year, re: how the mail-in votes numbers won’t be there on that one night and the chaos that is likely to come after.


  • 🚶‍♂️🥶 Was a little chilly out there during this morning’s walk. I got to buy some sweatpants so I can avoid wearing shorts as the fall comes in.

  • 😴 Was low energy tonight through Android Book Club but got through it and learned some cool stuff.

    Early to bed now and get recharged for tomorrow.

  • ✅ Today’s goals:

    • Finish writing proposal.
    • Doctor annual physical.
    • Do something marketing oriented for @guildflow.
    • Attend Android Book Club
  • ☀️ It’s Monday and time to face your fears.

  • ✏️ A Look Back: Week Ending September 13th

    Lots of times it’s easy to feel bad about missing deadlines but when you add it all up, it turns out a lot of things happened last week.


  • 🔗 Been doing some more Phoenix LiveView things this past week and found this project / demo resource that was cool: phoenixphrenzy.com/results

  • 📚✅ Finished my homework for this week’s Android Book Club. Still very green on Kotlin Coroutines but can at least participate in the conversation.


  • 🎮😭

  • 🤔 If I were to build a Content Blocker Extension for iOS / Safari do other browsers which are required to use the system WebKit get to utilize this as well?


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