• 📚 Infrastructure and Ops Book Bundle by O’Reilly

    I’ve broken deploys enough I suppose I should read some of these books now.


  • ❤️🎮 ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier – Early Gameplay


  • 📢 My client has it setup that any mentions of the company on Twitter are shared in a #twitter-mentions slack channel. I could see this being overloaded for some products/teams but when the quantity is right, I suspect it can help w/ improving customer empathy amongst the devs.

  • ✅ Today’s goals:

    Full day of client work with a mix of onboarding phone calls and demos. Hoping to grab a few small tickets and see what I can do and get more familiar with the Elixir code base.

    Tonight: Metroid progress or maybe just more Animal Crossing stuff.

  • 🏄‍♂️ I’m onboarding to a new client project this week. What are some good questions to ask or resources to keep in mind? If it matters, I’m a software developer doing @elixirlang stuffs.

  • 🔋 New battery is here. Mostly a backup for cpap in case of long term outage. Also got a portable solar panel for it, which I’ll play with over the weekend.

  • 🚶‍♂️ Late morning walk. It’s wonderful out here.

  • 👨‍💻 @Twitch Extensions enable viewer interactivity on top of the streamed video, as seen in the attached Magic screenshot. I feel like there is opportunity here for educational content as well. I’m particularly interested in breathing life into conference-like experiences.

  • 👨‍💻 My root canal was postponed because the computer system in their office went down and they can’t do x-rays. Sounded like something broke and not a ransomware attack. I’m not in crazy pain so not too big a deal. Feeling more sad empathy for how their day is going. Yikes.

  • ✅ Today’s goals:

    • Take Mom to doctor’s appointment.
    • See dentist for my own root canal appointment.
    • Update Guildflow SSL certs.
    • Publish @elixirfocus blog post I wrote over the weekend.
    • Blocked time for rest after dentist.
  • 🎮 I’m getting back into Animal Crossing in prep for the new expansion and these videos are very helpful. Never knew about hot items double sell price!


  • ✅ Today’s goals:

    • Sleep in. (done!)
    • Morning walk with podcasts. (done!)
    • Reply to GitHub issues re: esbuild. (done!)
    • Laundry
    • Work on moving state responsibilities around in my LiveView app to resolve bugs.
    • Edit in-progress blog posts.
    • Finish Building Conduit (Elixir CQRS book).
  • 🎮 30 Year Old Discovery Allows Speedrunners To Beat Dragon Quest 3 in 8 Seconds!

    Some real fun hardware hacks in this one.


  • 🍿 “The Future of Conferences” by Cristina (Crista) Lopes

    Good stuff in here for conference and other event/meetup organizers.


  • 👨‍💻 Excited for the last day of #ElixirConf2021. It has been a great conference so far. Leaving with a nice jolt of inspiration towards what I want to do next.

  • 🔗🎧 My @phillycocoa friends are building things in the open and talking about it via a podcast:

    For our inaugural season, we (Kotaro, Steve, and Aaron) are building a watchOS Kanji flashcard app and documenting our journey.


  • 🚽 Adult Swim is real life.



  • 🔥 This morning’s #ElixirConf2021 keynote by @chris_mccord was packed full of awesome. LiveView and friends are really coming together to empower some great opportunities.

  • 🥩😰 Almost used the spelling “steakholders” in a client email.

  • ElixirConf2021 Goals

    ✅ #ElixirConf2021 goals:

    • Learn how others are using LiveView in the field and benefit from the collective experiences and insights.
    • Specifically interested in ongoing evolution with LiveView Components and related SurfaceUI stuff.
    • Discover how people are testing their projects. Feel like my own testing perspective is in flux and trying to define some new guidelines.
    • Looking to connect with people doing Event Sourcing and hear how it is working for them.

    Feel free to reach out during the planned social mixers or even ping me for a casual zoom.

  • ✅ Today’s goals:

    • Morning walk and start Ready Player One audiobook. (done!)
    • Attend #ElixirConf2021.
    • Draft follow up questions from yesterday’s client interview.
    • More work on RetroTaxi and demo prep for tomorrow’s @phillyelixir meetup.
    • Evening Metroid: Dread play time.
  • 🗞 I like to sprinkle Elixir news into our local meetup slides and one of my great sources is the Thinking in Elixir Podcast show notes. I love how they include recent news bits into the beginning of their mostly interview-based podcast.


  • ✅ Today’s goals:

    • Schedule root canal visit for next Monday.😰
    • Review Virtual ElixirConf schedule for sessions of interest.
    • Review and merge Phoenix 1.6 update into RetroTaxi.
    • Weekly food pickup.
    • Prep Philly Elixir meeting agenda and slides.
    • Evening gaming, more Metroid Dread.
  • 🎮 I feel really bad for the people playing the new Metroid: Dread who have not figured out that + button then - button skips cutscenes; particularly for those long boss cutscenes as you do attempt after attempt after attempt.

  • ✅ Today’s goals:

    • Finish Phoenix 1.6 upgrade for RetroTaxi.
    • Pair with Todd and talk about LiveView component state strategies.
    • Take client prospect call.
    • Catch up on some Tailwind updates.

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