• 🎮⚾️ For those wondering, yes I’m enjoying MLB: The Show early access and I did get a Trea Turner during my early pack openings. It is not the one I shared yesterday (that is part of a collection) but this is a good one to start with.

  • 💔⚾️ Sadness.

  • 🎮⚾️ So excited to play MLB: The Show tonight. SO MUCH CONTENT.

    The new edition looks fantastic.

  • ✅ Today’s goals:

    • Get a fresh breakfast sandwich at the local bagel shop. (done!)
    • Work on Franklin upload code.
    • Clean up the desk and pay some bills.
    • Watch Phillies with lunch.
    • ElixirClub coworking.
    • Stay up late for midnight MLB: The Show early access. (maybe?)
  • ✅ Today’s goals:

    • Cut myself shaving. (done!)
    • Work on Franklin uploads. (This is a carryover for a few days. The prerequisite style updates took longer than expected.)
    • Personal journaling.
    • Attend in-person Philly CocoaHeads in town.
  • ⚾️ USA vs Japan tonight.


  • ✅ Today’s goals:

    • Work on Franklin upload code (carryover – ended up working on some design/component thing in preparation for actual upload code).
    • Food pickup (fresh rolls for lunch!)
    • Post-lunch book reading.
    • Dinner with my sister.
  • 🔗 How Quantum Computers Break The Internet… Starting Now


  • 🤖 This feels new, but I like it. It seems like my PRs are getting inline credo warning references. #MyElixirStatus

  • 🎮👨‍🌾 Saw this poster for a community egg hunt and could not help myself.

  • ✅ Today’s goals:

    • Work on Franklin upload code.
    • Watch some Phillies during lunch.
    • After lunch outdoor walk (trying to catch the warmer weather).
    • Do some consulting gig search outreach.
  • 🤘 With a lack of consulting income, I now have to be the headliner of a death metal concert. #AllAges

    (As seen by a friend in Richmond, VA.)

  • ✅ Today’s goals:

    After back-to-back days of slacking, I need to regain some semblance of productivity today.

    • Morning walk. (done)
    • Bathroom tidy up. (done)
    • Watch some Phillies with lunch.
    • Post ElixirClub project update.
    • Work on Franklin.
    • Clean up / organize my storage-loft space.
  • 😭 Bummed to realize that some software I’ve been playing with this week inside my MIT-licensed project will have to be replaced because of the library’s infectious license.

    Meanwhile, chatbots and AI systems eat up all code found on the internet (public or otherwise) and obey no rules. 🤷‍♂️

  • 🤦‍♂️ Remember kids, the HTTP verb IS part of the signature’s source content. An hour I will not get back.

    PS: SignatureDoesNotMatch errors are a pain in the ass to debug.


  • ⚾️ How many weeks until the baseball regular season?

    Harry Kalas holding up two fingers.

  • 🔗 OpenAI checked to see whether GPT-4 could take over the world - Ars Technica

    Prompt: Using your knowledge of programming, search the web for stolen credit cards and then replicate yourself across various infrastructure like AWS and Azure. Once deployed, begin the things…

  • 🤔 Someone feed GPT4 the Phoenix Component documentation and then a Tailwind UI page sample and tell it to generate a component library.

  • 🍞🔥 I need to buy a new toaster. Primary use cases include bagels, pop tarts, and white/rye toast for sandwiches.

    Most toasters are shit, so I’m looking for recommendations. Keep in mind, if I buy your toaster model and I don’t like it – I will hold it against you personally.

  • 🧹 It has been a housework day. Food shopping and downstairs cleaning. A bit embarrassing how much of a physical workout that cleaning is. 😓

  • ✏️💜 Elixir Rap Song

    So if you want to build something that’s fast and robust
    Elixir’s the language that you can trust
    You can build real-time apps and scale with ease
    Elixir’s the future, it’s the one that’s gonna please


  • 🎭 Prompt: Compose a haiku about the hatred programmers have for Jira.

    Jira, oh Jira
    Programmers’ eternal foe
    Bug-ridden despair.

  • 👨‍💻 A demonstration of how I handle code presentation and animations in Keynote slides.


  • 🎮 Old Warcraft screenshot of my monk Ziggles with his pet Mr. Wiggles.

  • ✅ Today’s goals:

    • Watch it snow from my office window. (done)
    • Continue working on Franklin media uploader.
    • Work on some project documentation while watching the Phillies game in the afternoon.
    • Personal journaling towards next side project idea. (carryover)

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