• Erlang: The Movie

    Hello Mike. Hello Joe. Hello Mike. Hello Robert.

  • ✏️ How to Find and Schedule Speakers for Your Next Event

    Here are a few ideas to help you keep your stress low and your speaker confirmations flowing.

  • The NSData.description issue reminds me of when alongside the introduction of .mac address book syncing they decided to reassign all new identifiers to every previous contact. That sucked for my Mac app.

  • It’s one of those days where I fixed the Xcode UI tests locally, but they still fail on the CI server. 😢

  • ✏️ How to Discover Presentation Topics for Your Group

    Keeping on top of what your members are interested in hearing more about is an important group organizer task and in this post I’ll share some ways in which you can stay informed.

  • ✏️ My New Project: Club House Hosting

    Club House Hosting is a new platform that will help group organizers launch websites for their group using their own domain.

    See the post for links to the new project blog, its announcement sign up form and so on. And thanks for sharing.

  • Real devs wait for Xcode GM Pro Max.

  • I generally don’t give much thought to podcast ads, but I have an actual negative reaction to the idea that I need to use the same underwear the podcast host does. It just crosses a line for me. 😳

  • IndyHall is hosting the word wide Google DevFest event. I have other obligations but I wanted to share. Sounds like a fun time. www.meetup.com/gdgcloud-…

  • Via arstechnica.com

    Former Donkey Kong champ threatens to sue Guinness over record removal

    Fuck Billy Mitchell.

  • 🎮🥳


  • Seems like a real blunder to hold this HUGE media event and then not share specifics like ship dates (iOS and macOS), storage sizes, upgrade pricing for different models and so on. Isn’t the whole point about sharing information? Guess not. 🤷‍♂️

  • I wonder if the reason they didn’t talk about iOS 13 or its explicit release date is to avoid reminding people they can get like 90% of this stuff with a simple free software update instead of a new device?

  • The irony of telling me how awesome the iPad is in front an auditorium of the most diehard Apple influencers all using laptops to write their coverage.

  • One of the most uneventful Apple events I can remember. Meh on Phone updates. My recommendation is still the Xr. No review of iOS 13? Why am I walking away from this still not understand when this are shipping? I see pre-order dates but not shipping dates.

  • Starting to get that sinking feeling that I am over-engineering this refactor. (Trying to DRY up code across some repetitive CRUD sections of a web app.) 🤔

  • Curry Dex

  • Cancel or Allow?

    Welcome to macOS 10.15!

  • This Friday is First Friday (of the month) which means you can come down and cowork out of IndyHall for free. Shake it up and meet some of the best coworkers there are to find in Philadelphia.

    More info on IndyHall: <www.indyhall.org>

  • I am now a dues paying member of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation.

    The Erlang Ecosystem Foundation is a new non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the state of the art for Erlang, Elixir, LFE, and other technologies based on the BEAM.

  • 💰 Elixir Jobs

    Get paid.

  • Had a great week at #ElixirConf. Tons of demos of LiveView maturity, got some hands on time with Nerves for embedded development and was blown away. Also tons of little tips and tricks to try out. All this and the lazy river. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a success.

  • Some #ElixirConf talks are already starting to show up on YouTube. Bookmark, subscribe and enjoy.


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