• 🔗 fish

    fish is a smart and user-friendly command line shell for Linux, macOS, and the rest of the family.

    You’ll love the default autosuggestion system.

  • 🔗 Color schemes for default macOS Terminal.app

    This is a set of color schemes for default macOS Terminal.app (ported from iTerm 2 color schemes, collected by @mbadolato).

  • For the record, my Apple TV has been a buggy mess since the auto update. THANKS APPLE!

  • Great slide showcasing how we technical people need to simplify when speaking to customers.

  • Monthly Show and Tell at IndyHall.

  • 🕹 Didn’t take long for the online play of MLB the Show become pay to win. Diamond players all around but not on my normal non-payfor team. Sure doesn’t feel fair. 😕

  • There is a lot I love about Elixir, but being a dynamic language has me once again making noob errors left and right with sometimes obscure runtime error messages that historically I would have expected a complier to notice.

  • And then there was this one time where Bruce Lee fought a guy with lightsaber nunchucks.


  • Loving the weather but not my allergies. 🤧

  • ✏️ Thoughts on Mac Pros at WWDC

    It’s time for Apple to show its cards. I’m not saying we need an order form or even a ship date but come June 3rd at WWDC, we need to see what Apple’s plan is. Its time.

  • Power went out. I have 79% iPad. Entertain me.

  • For @recdiffs (Reconcilable Differences) podcast listeners, we need two pins, one left fridge door, one right fridge door. The challenge is to attach the pins to your bag, aligning the doors properly. Somebody make it happen.

  • ⚾️ Go Phillies!

  • I’m in the need of buying a new backpack. Any recommendations?

  • 🔗 Speedrunners BANNED this for being too game-breaking

    I love the ingenuity of speed runners.

  • Taking a breath of time to revisit my business numbers and estimates for the year. All looks pretty good. Would like to buy some new high-end hardware in the Fall. Debating a business loan just to keep capital loose.

  • Yo yo yo. It’s ya boy Mike YouTuber and it’s time for the daily 11 minute regurgitation of headlines from what I scanned on other sites I won’t mention by name. I took 2 minutes to produce this crap which will have zero value in 48 hours but fuck it I got mad sponsors ad money.

  • The next Philly Elixir Meetup is one week away. RSVP today!


  • 🔗 Sonic The Hedgehog (2019) - Official Trailer

    Happy End of April Fools!!

  • New pattern I have for my bookmark bar: I have a folder for each active project. The first subfolder is then called Workspace. I open all bookmarks in tabs to get everything loaded (Issue tracker, GitHub, API reference pages, etc.) when I start my day.

  • In envision a Robot Chicken skit of V for Vendetta. He keeps trying to setup his dominos but they keep falling prematurely and he gets all pissy.

  • Of course that makes sense…


  • The one true capitalization is MacOS.

  • Starting my multiple backups in preparation for my MacOS 10.14 upgrade, courtesy of Xcode 10.2 version requirements. Really wish they didn’t force this kind of thing with dot updates.

  • A detached head with stick legs.

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